Updating your network infrastructure

Posted by / 14-May-2020 09:51

The government has changed regulatory requirements and your network equipment has just been listed as vulnerable.

A new piece of equipment has been released and your network infrastructure has just been listed as End-of-Life and will no longer be supported.

Our dedicated servers set-ups offer numerous benefits to any on line business.

Whether you run a large web site or require extra security for your Internet applications, dedicated server set-ups with is the right solution for you, We work around your needs to professionally tailor the best system for your business requirements.

Many businesses perform offsite backups after hours.

This is partially to shift the performance impact to the network from the additional network traffic to a time when no one is scheduled to be at the office to notice the performance decrease, but to also ensure the capture of all the day's work.

Cisco is the leader in networking worldwide and Ciphertek is the leading IT services provider in the Upper Cumberlands. Has your network been feeling sluggish or web pages loading slower than they used to?

If the network is important to your company, shouldn't it be running on Cisco networking equipment? Whether it is upgrading aging equipment or configuring VLANs, ACLs, Qo S or other VPN tunnels, Ciphertek has Cisco Certified professionals ready to assist your growing business with your networking needs.

From stealing identity or credit card information, compromising your network services for their own finacial benefit to holding your data hostage or reputational damage; always being connected to the internet means you are always available to be targeted.

In Q2 of this year, Ciphertek introduced an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Monitoring Service to our financial services clients.

Periodic health checks on the physical state of your equipment can be an indicator to potential problems.

Is your equipment is accessible to employees who can plug anything into an open port or an open air environment with airborn particles and debries?

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Our network security team monitors and responds to alerts that our IDS detects and responds to eliminate suspicious or atypical network comunications and behaviors.