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Validating identity error

If SSA extended their API to the market at large — potentially in a limited way to white listed entities in regulated markets — then the synthetic identity problem is solved.

In this context, blockchain is just one protocol, among many, that might facilitate coordination, but it cannot substitute for the critical role that SSA plays as the authoritative issuer of America’s de facto national identifier or for SSA’s decision to abstain from provide a trusted API to the market.

With respect to digital identity, there are five important problems blockchain fails to address: Immutability The blockchain is essentially a trusted, public ledger that uses a decentralized network of nodes to verify the integrity of a given transaction.

On paper (and to idealists), a public blockchain enables a more democratic world where transactions and the network itself are unchained from centralized control.

Identity Verification Once an identity is established as real and unique, the next challenge is to ensure that the user claiming the identity is in fact the rightful owner of that identity and not a criminal.

NIST specifically notes in their recent blog post on trusted identity that “strengthening identity proofing while expanding options for remote and in-person proofing…

It defines access permissions for the AWS user, group, or role that you attach the policy to.

If Policy Validator determines that a policy is not in compliance with the grammar, it prompts you to fix the policy.

is arguably the most difficult part of digital identity.” Multiple government agencies and private sector entities have suffered data breaches due to poor identity verification as DHS notes in a research solicitation here.

And block chain does nothing to directly solve the identity proofing problem.

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Unfortunately, the hype around blockchain can obfuscate the actual capabilities and limitations of the new protocol.

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