Video dating service youtube

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Video dating service youtube

They program primarily in Python, use My SQL as their database, they’ve stuck with Apache, and even new features for such a massive site start as a very simple Python program.

That doesn’t mean You Tube doesn’t do cool stuff, they do, but what makes everything work together is more a philosophy or a way of doing things than technological hocus pocus. Could use a little proof-reading as I had to slow down at some parts where the language got a little mangled, for example "Those are things you want to things you want to figure out early on because they influence how you grow.".

Incidentally, the random update thing has recently been granted a patent.

You can use apache and lighttpd in tandem to accomplish the goal.

She had been invited by Technology Evangelist to film her Internet TV show at the mall instead of covering its debut at the Shadyside Apple store as she had originally planned.

In August 2007, she created the "300-page i Phone bill" Video and uploaded it to the video sharing site You Tube, where the video quickly became an Internet meme.

What made You Tube into one of the world’s largest websites? Otherwise a fun read and makes me want to give python a little more attention.

"Apache is a real rockstar technology at You Tube because they keep it simple. In the early days, video streamers, video uploaders, and image uploaders ran on Lighthttpd because it was better able to handle non-interactive data streaming.

It would seem at least files are served by lighttpd which makes sense as its static content.

i Justine was also featured in the August 28, 2007, weekly installment of Kevin Sites's People of the Web series on Yahoo! When Sites asked her to turn off her lifecasting equipment later in the interview, he noted that "at once the conversation seemed more relaxed and natural," and she discussed the difficulty of having people watching and publicly judging her all day.

As of late September 2007, she was living in Pittsburgh and held a position as spokesperson for Pittsburgh Councilman Bill Peduto.

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