Were updating your account for the better

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Were updating your account for the better

The card network does not actually refund the dispute fee but we feel our users should not be financially impacted by an invalid dispute.

If a dispute is accepted or unsuccessfully challenged, you are still responsible for both the dispute fee and the Stripe processing fee on the original payment.

Once you have submitted a response, it generally takes the card issuer 60-75 days to reach a final decision. Make sure to provide all relevant information and review it carefully before you submit it.

If you're not ready to submit the evidence you've collected so far, click Save for later.

As the card issuer has final say, the acquirer’s decision to forward the evidence does not by itself guarantee a resolution in your favor.

Refer to the evidence submission guide if you regularly lose disputes or find that your evidence isn’t relayed to the card issuer.

Our acquirer reviews the evidence and decides whether to close the dispute or continue the process by forwarding the evidence to the card issuer.

They review the evidence and make a final decision, which we communicate to you through the Stripe Dashboard.

Although Stripe is not involved in deciding the outcome of the dispute, we play a role by conveying your evidence to our financial partners.

For disputes that are the result of such a misunderstanding, your customer can ask their card issuer to withdraw the dispute.

It’s still important that you submit evidence to show that the payment was valid, however, and to ensure that the card issuer knows you are not accepting the dispute.

It’s important that you take steps to best prevent against disputes, and to submit as much information as possible in a response.

We recommend most users respond within the Dashboard.

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It’s possible that they simply did not recognize or remember the transaction when they viewed their statement.