What does intimidating

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What does intimidating

These days, I believe in my own worth and sexiness, and the only guy I know who I feel intimidated by is a BDSM Dom/rigger, older than me, who I know I could not feel like an equal if I got involved with him.

General hotness is not a source of intimidation for me, though I find I still feel a little surprised that I get attention from hot guys (a carryover from my teen days as a wallflower).

For me, this "intimidation" is not true fear (like a fear of death), but more of a "she makes me anxious/nervous/uncomfortable."When a woman says it to you, it probably is the aforementioned "blame shifting."I never asked for specifics when they said that so my own analysis is most likely bias.Usually that's just a kind of vibe she gives out, like she's not open to meeting people. She Man, can you imagine two months ago, two ordinary guys like you and me and an OP just sitting around with our foots in our dicks, hashing out the details of /r/askgender? Most of the time, this is women trying to make other women feel better.Whether it's intentional or not doesn't really matter."Ask Gender" subreddit? If you were a 6"2 bodybuilder, I might find you intimidating.I get jumpy anytime young men are portrayed in a negative light and older men are preferred.I think it's a very ignored facet of sexism that has much broader and deeper effects than most will admit. I didn't intend for my comment to be read that way.

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That being said when people tell girls that they are intimidating it is usually because they have taken on more male social attributes or that they are quite simply bitches.