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In fact, the two have been seen stepping out together on numerous occasions.

Last August, the former couple were seen enjoying an afternoon stroll through London, although a source said that the outing was “strictly platonic.” And then last December, during a round table discussion with fellow actors for the That same source, however, isn’t discounting the possibility of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dating again, suggesting that it could happen if the “if the timing is right.”When their split was confirmed back in October 2015, an insider for said that the former couple have separated amicably.

Or are they already dating again but have been keeping it a secret?

The 33-year-old actor expressed his fondness for the 28-year-old actress during a roundtable interview with Jeff Bridges, Casey Affleck and other stars for The Hollywood Reporter. The actress had shared similar sentiments about Garfield in the November issue of Vogue. Pros and cons." Garfield and Stone played Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, and Gwen Stacy in (2012) and its sequel.and Emma Stone-snogger Andrew Garfield has admitted that he still loves her, even though the pair broke up back in 2015.The 33-year-old actor went a bit viral earlier this week, after fans who are still shipping him and Emma HARD spotted that he gave the actress a standing ovation when she picked up a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her work in"I'm her biggest fan." On the latest #Little Gold Men, Andrew Garfield opens up about his relationship with Emma Stone https://t.co/Qd8UBk ZHAB pic.twitter.com/l5a L4n Drs8— VANITY FAIR (@Vanity Fair) January 12, 2017 during its Little Golden Men podcast, he explained: "I'm her biggest fan as an artist."I'm constantly inspired by her work. YOU'RE BOTH IN LOVE, JUST TELLING SEPARATE HIGH-END FASHION MAGAZINES. At least Andrew got to console himself with a little snog from Ryan Reynolds, eh?Throughout the evening, the two spent time talking during almost every opportunity, E! The two arrived at the gala separately and posed for photos on the red carpet.Stone wore a long white belted dress with a slit and was photobombed by Jennifer Lawrence, who sported a black floral crop top and matching long skirt. As cocktails were served, Garfield chatted with Carey Mulligan by the doorway to the ballroom as Stone walked in.

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He added of the Golden Globes: "I was overwhelmed that I had such sincere, authentic Hollywood friends.