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Hopefully in the meantime other stuff comes around.GHS/Spytug seem to hint at times that he has more stuff (new or canned), and Excogi did mention at the end of the 1st video update description about staying tuned.Someone has posted on the Indexxx gloryhole thread that one of these is homemade content posted on the gloryhole site from 2017-11-01indexxx.com/set/894583/glory-hole-swallow-claire/I doubt she has stopped this behaviour as its who she is.Yes, I've read those posts, but they don't address my questions.

She had a pretty lame boyfriend at the time, but once Kennedy broke up with me to go to LA and become a porn star, she made her move.I kinda doubt Claire knew an older pornstar from another state, it's probably just fluff to go along with the sites girls next door feel (which he pulled off amazingly well till recently with new photographer and tattooed models).Speaking of FTV drama, Melody on ADT seems to keep saying too much and editing her posts later, she said recently that the site planned for a 5th "extreme" update for her on FTV "that got lost" and "still trying to recover it", she deleted that statement hours later. When I first met Claire, she was a friend of Kennedy's, who was my girlfriend at the time.See the Posts by: Claires Toys - 2017-11-16Explain please ? - 2017-11-07PROOF - 2017-10-01Story behind this one ?- 2017-09-10Mmmmmm - 2017-04-25Two of them are from the room/bed of the Home Openers where she was staying while taking the xxxxxx. She provided a brief respite from a "life of quiet desperation" that you Brits seem to espouse.

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I ended up doing a shoot of Claire for FTV, and she did an amazing video showing off her talented ballet skills as well as her flexibility.

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